Eva Flo

Eva FloThe Mediterranean Sea has been and is my reference both professionally and personally. I studied biology at the University of Barcelona and specialized in marine ecology at the University of Aix-Marseille II (France). Since then, I have continued my pursuits in this field while aiming to improve my skills in computing and statistics. I have been part of the CSIC’s PBL research group since 2001, and am completing my PhD at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

My scientific interests, which form the basis of my research at the PBL and for my PhD thesis, are land-ocean interactions and their effects on the coastal zone. Specifically, my research examines: 1) the spatio-temporal heterogeneity of physico-chemical and biological parameters, 2) the coastal dynamic processes that cause this heterogeneity, and 3) environmental water quality in coastal areas as determined using physico-chemical and phytoplanktonic indicators. Simultaneously, I have been investigating a common factor shared by these three areas of interest: the impact of anthropogenic activities on the coastal zone, and in particular, cultural eutrophication.


E-mail: evaflo@icm.csic.es

Highlighted publications:

  • Flo, E.; Garcés, E.; Manzanera, M. y Camp, J. 2011. Coastal Inshore Waters in the NW Mediterranean: physicochemical and biological characterization and management implications. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 93 (4), 279-289.
  • Flo, E.; Arin, A.; Vila, M.; Manzanera, M. y Camp, J. 2009. Determinación del estado ecológico en aguas costeras a partir del fitoplancton: marco conceptual para la elaboración de un protocolo de evaluación. X Reunión Ibérica sobre Fitoplancton tóxico y Biotoxinas. Lisboa, Portugal.
  • Flo, E.; Camp, J.; Masó, M. y Manzanera, M. 2005. Implementing the european Water Framework Directive. Assessment of coastal water quality in the NW Mediterranean using physical and chemical variables. ASLO Summer Meeting 2005. Santiago de Compostela.