Elisabet Alacid

Elisabet Alacid

I obtained my degree in Biology at the University of Girona and I have just finished the Masters in Marine Sciences: Oceanography and Marine Environment Management (UPC-UB-CSIC). I am currently doing my PhD in Marine Sciences (UPC-UB-CSIC).

I contributed to the phytoplankton monitoring program and physicochemical parameters of the Coast of Valencia and Catalonia, established by the Water Framework Directive. I have also collaborated with the thesis of Claudio Fuentes about microalgae cultures for biodiesel production.

Currently, I’m working with the research group of Coastal Biological Processes studying a parasite of marine microalgae belonging to the alveolates, which was recently discovered by our group in Arenys de Mar. This parasite is abundant in the marine environment during blooms produced by those microalgae. However, little is known about the biological and evolutionary implications that may produce on their hosts.

My PhD focuses on the identification and description of the life cycle stages of this parasite, to know the range of species that it can infect, and to study the features that characterize the interaction between the parasite and its hosts, mainly in Alexandrium minutum, which causes recurrent algal blooms along our coast.



E-mail: alacid@icm.csic.es


Highlighted publications:

Calbet, A., Bertos, M., Fuentes-Grunewald, C., Alacid, E., Figueroa, R.I., Renom, B., Garces, E. (2011) Intraspecific variability in Karlodinium veneficum: growth rates, mixotrophy and lipid composition. Harmful Algae 10, 654-667.

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Sevigne E., Fuentes-Grünewald C., Gasol C.M., Garcés E., Alacid E., Rossi R., Rieradevall J. (2012). Energetic balance and environmental impact analysis of marine microalgal biomass production for biodiesel generation in a photobioreactor pilot plant. Biomass and Bioenergy 39, 324-335.