Dra. Rachele Gallisai

Rachele Gallisai

I obtained my degree in Marine biology at the University of Sassari, I have a master’s degree in environmental and territory management obtained at the same University as well as a master’s degree in Marine Sciences: Oceanography and Marine Environment Management (UPC-UB-CSIC). Finally, I have just finished my PhD in Marine Sciences (UPC-UB-CSIC) focused on the study of nutrient inputs by atmospheric deposition and their influence on phytoplankton in the Mediterranean Sea. I specialize in atmosphere-ocean interaction, time series analysis, as well as remote sensing and atmospheric prediction models. Currently, I’m working with the research group of Coastal Biological Processes maintaining different marine microalgae species of parasites and fungi, as well as different phytoplankton species. As most of these species have not been previously described, we are focusing on their identification and description at both morphological and life cycle levels, as well as studying the host-parasite interaction. To do this, we apply both optical and electronic microscopy techniques, as well as techniques of molecular biology.


E-mail: gallisai@icm.csic.es

Highlighted publications:

  • Gallisai, R., G. Volpe, and F. Peters (2016), Large Saharan dust storms: Implications for chlorophyll dynamics in the Mediterranean Sea, Global Biogeochem.Cycles, 30, doi:10.1002/2016GB005404.
  • Gallisai, R., F. Peters, G. Volpe, S. Basart, and J. M. Baldasano (2014), Saharan Dust deposition may affect phytoplankton growth in the Mediterranean Sea at ecological time scales, PLoS One, 9(10), e110762, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0110762.
  • Gallisai, R., F. Peters, S. Basart, and J. M. Baldasano (2012), Mediterranean basin-wide correlations between Saharan dust deposition and ocean chlorophyll concentration, Biogeosci. Discuss., 9(7), 8611–8639, doi:10.5194/bgd-9-8611-2012.