Dra. Laura Arin

Dra. Laura ArínAs a marine biologist, my main interest is the study of planktonic organisms, mainly phytoplankton. Since my first research efforts, I have sought to understand the mechanisms that determine plankton composition as a function of different environmental conditions. Research for my Master’s thesis (1992-1994) addressed the biochemical indicators of marine plankton communities subjected to different physico-chemical conditions. Subsequently, and for my PhD (1998-2002), I focused on phytoplankton ecology, with investigations into the size-distribution (in terms of chlorophyll-a and carbon) and taxonomic composition of these microorganisms with respect to environmental parameters, such as nutrient concentrations and the degree of water turbulence.

I am currently involved in two monitoring programs at the Catalan coast. The first examines potentially toxic or harmful phytoplankton species. In recent years, this monitoring network has been modified to comply with the requirements of the Water Framework Directive. Specifically, I am part of a group that is attempting to develop phytoplankton-based biological indicators that can be used to assess the ecological status of Catalan coastal waters. The second monitoring program is focused on the Barcelona coast. My work (a study of the spatio-temporal variability of phytoplankton) is part of a more comprehensive project in this area of the Catalan coast (http://elb.cmima.csic.es/elb/).


E-mail: larin@icm.csic.es

Highlighted publications:

  • Arin, L., Berdalet, E., Marrasé, C., Estrada, M., Guixa-Boixereu, N., Dolan, J. 1999. Particulate DNA and protein relative to microorganism biomass and detritus in the Catalano-Balearic Sea (NW Mediterranean) during stratification. Journal of Plankton Research. 21: 1299-1316.
  • Arin, L., Marrasé, C., Maar, M., Peters, F., Sala, M.M., Alcaraz, M. 2002. Combined effects of nutrients and small-scale turbulence in a microcosm experiment. I. Dynamics and size distribution of osmotrophic plankton. Aquatic Microbial Ecology. 29: 51-61.
  • Estrada M, L Arin, D Blasco, A Blauw, J Camp, E Garcés, N Sampedro, M Vila (2008) A fuzzy logic model for Alexandrium minutum proliferations in harbours of the Catalan coast (NW Mediterranean) Moestrup Ø. et al. (eds.) Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Harmful Algae pp: 111-113.