Dr. Albert Reñé

Albert Reñe

I have a degree in Biology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a Ph.D.  from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. I obtained my PhD. in 2014, where I studied the diversity and distribution of naked dinoflagellates belonging to the order of Gymnodiniales in the Catalan Coast, combining morphological and phylogenetic studies.

My work within the Littoral Biological Processes research group focuses on two main areas: algal blooms and the coastal zone. The combination of these results in my interest in dinoflagellates, since they are the main responsible for the potentially toxic proliferations or with harmful effects on the ecosystem and humankind in coastal environments. This means that the majority of studies carried out have a direct relationship with various aspects of proliferation formation, and the different organisms involved.

My lines of research are framed within the study of marine microorganisms. These lines include several aspects: 1) Taxonomy, distribution and ecology of dinoflagellates that produce noxious proliferations; 2) Interactions of these organisms with other members of the microbial community; 3) Diversity and distribution of microorganisms in marine sediments. These lines of research include taxonomic and ecological studies of dinoflagellates, studies on the diversity and impact of parasitism during algal blooms, and the diversity of organisms, and especially of psammophile dinoflagellates. These studies have been carried out combining different techniques of microscopy (optical, scanning and transmission electronics, confocal, epifluorescence) and molecular techniques (Sanger sequencing, single-cell PCR, HTS (Illumina), Card-Fish).



E-mail: albertrene@icm.csic.es

Highlighted publications:

  1. - Reñé, A., Alacid, E., Ferrera, I., Garcés, E. (2017) Evolutionary trends of Perkinsozoa (Alveolates) characters based on observations of two new genera of parasitoids of dinoflagellates, Dinovorax gen. nov. and Snorkelia gen. nov. Frontiers in Microbiology 8:1594. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.01594.
  2. - Reñé, A., Alacid E., Figueroa R.I., Rodríguez F., Garcés E. (2017) Life-cycle, ultrastructure, and phylogeny of Parvilucifera corolla sp. nov. (Alveolata, Perkinsozoa), a parasitoid of dinoflagellates. European Journal of Protistology, 58:9-25.
  3. - Reñé A., Camp J., Garcés E. (2015) Diversity, morphology and phylogeny of Gymnodiniales from the NW Mediterranean Sea revealed by a morphological and molecular approach. Protist, 166: 234-263.